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SP/OT Summer Camp!

We are excited to offer our SP/OT Summer Camps for the second year! Groups will be offered for ages ranging from three to ten years and will take place at our office on  Fridays. You will have the option to register for one or both three-week sessions. The cost will be $90 per three-week session. SP/OT Camp will be run by two students of occupational therapy.

Your child will spend 45 minutes to an hour with a small group of peers and will learn social-emotional skills, like meeting new people, working together as part of a group, problem-solving, cooperation, game play, and more! This year, we are offering groups of varying themes to fit your child's interests:

SP/OT Tots (ages 3-4, Fridays 9-9:45am):

This group is for children learning to play alongside and in collaboration with their peers. Children will practice play skills that are developmentally expected for this age: inviting friends to play, making 'play plans,' engaging in structured tasks, and more. Play with peers helps children develop in the areas of social-emotional learning, resilience, turn-taking, planning/organizing, problem-solving, focus, and attention. Each session will be limited to four children.

Spots remaining:

Session 1: 1

Session 2: FULL

Craft Club (ages 5-7, Fridays 10-11am):

Our Craft Club is for our artsy friends! The children will engage in a variety of art projects in a group setting and in collaboration with peers. Arts and crafts help children develop in the areas of problem-solving, planning/organizing, fine motor skills, sensory integration, sequencing, resilience, and more. Projects will be planned and implemented by students of occupational therapy, who are familiar with developmental milestones and expectations within the realm of all things crafting.

Spots remaining: 

Session 1: 6

Session 2: 6

Cooking Club (ages 8-10, Fridays 11:30-12:30):

We are thrilled to offer a lunchtime cooking club for our older groups! Our team of therapists frequently implement cooking in direct therapy because of the myriad of benefits: planning/organizing, problem-solving, sequencing, sensory integration, expanding diet, collaboration, kitchen safety, and so much more. Children will learn new recipes with their peers and eat their final result for lunch together. Who knows... maybe you'll get the added benefit of having another dinner chef to the house!

Spots remaining:

Session 1: 3

Session 2: 4

Nature Explorers (ages 5-7, Fridays 1-2pm):

Because we as therapists are acutely aware of the countless developmental and mental health benefits of time outside, we love any opportunity to get kids playing in the dirt and feeling the sunshine (or even the rain) on their faces! Children in this group will learn about gardening as they help us with ours, explore the plants and animals in our neighborhood, and just be outside, rain or shine.

Spots remaining:

Session 1: 7

Session 2: 6

Game Club (ages 8-10, Fridays 2:30-3:30):

We love playing games around here, both new favorites and old classics. The children in this group will play both competitive and collaborative games that develop skills in emotional regulation, flexibility, problem-solving, following multi-step, and complex directions, among others. There's nothing better than getting friends together for a game or two!

Spots remaining:

Session 1: 7

Session 2: 5

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