Speech therapy services at The Therapy SP/OT encompass a comprehensive assessment and treatment when appropriate. A speech-language pathology evaluation determines your child's strengths and any areas of need as compared to age-matched peers. The speech-language pathologists at The Therapy SP/OT understand that you are the expert when it comes to your child; the therapists will work to understand your child as you know her or him through both assessment and treatment. The clinicians will also collaborate with your child's teachers and any other care providers as part of the team involved in her or his care and development.

If speech-language pathology treatment is warranted, sessions are offered in both individual or group settings. If your child receives both speech and occupational therapy, co-treatment sessions with both therapists are available. Speech-language pathology treatment can address the following areas:


+ Articulation and your child's ability to be understood

+ Expressive language, including grammar, vocabulary, language organization, late talkers, and non-verbal individuals

+ Receptive language, including listening and understanding

+ Reading, including decoding, reading fluency, and reading comprehension

+ Phonological awareness, a language-based cause of dyslexia

+ Written language, including spelling, punctuation, and organization

+ Social communication, with or without a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder

+ Fluency disorder, including stuttering and cluttering



"Less than two years ago, my son's school told us he would be in speech for at least 4-6 years. Two years later, they are completely surprised at his progress. We can't thank his therapist enough for her dedication and commitment while keeping his sessions fun at the same time!"

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