Occupational therapy services at The Therapy SP/OT encompass a comprehensive assessment and treatment when appropriate. An occupational therapy evaluation determines your child's strengths and any areas of need as compared to age-matched peers. The occupational therapists at The Therapy SP/OT understand that you are the expert when it comes to your child; the therapists will work to understand your child as you know her or him through both assessment and treatment. The clinicians will also collaborate with your child's teachers and any other care providers as part of the team involved in her or his care and development.

If occupational therapy treatment is warranted, sessions are offered in both individual or group settings. If your child receives both speech and occupational therapy, co-treatment sessions with both therapists are available. Occupational therapy treatment can address the following areas:


+ Executive function skills (attention, organization, time management, flexibility, etc.)

+ Behavioral intervention

+ Sensory processing skills (feeding, sensitivities, etc.)

+ Hand function/fine motor skills (handwriting, etc.)

+ Motor planning skills

+ Gross motor coordination

+ Core and postural stability

+ Visual perceptual skills

+ Activities of daily living (feeding, dressing, etc.)

+ Social skills

+ Emotional regulation skills




"My kids' occupational therapist has made a huge difference in their fine and gross motor skills and behavior. Best of all, my kids love coming and they are learning while having fun!"

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