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COVID-19 Policies

In light of Governor Walz’s statewide Mask Mandate that went into effect 7/25, we wanted to update you on our policies surrounding COVID-19.

Since we reopened our doors to face-to-face visits, all therapists have been required to wear masks with your children. We have not been requiring children to wear masks, as 1) many of the children we see are being treated for sensory needs and do not tolerate masks, and 2) medical services that make it difficult to treat those wearing masks are exempt, for example children who are being seen for speech articulation therapy or feeding therapy.

However, in order to respect the needs of all our families, we wanted to clarify our current policies regarding wearing masks in our clinic. 

  1. All adults are required to wear masks in the clinic.

  2. All children 6 and older who are able to tolerate them are required to wear masks in the clinic.

  3. Children who are receiving speech articulation therapy, feeding therapy, or other services that make it difficult to treat while wearing a mask, are not required to wear a mask when one-on-one with their therapist. These children who are 6 and older and can tolerate masks are, however, encouraged to wear a mask in common areas of the clinic or areas where other children may be (e.g. in the hallway, in the gym, etc.).

  4. When engaging in therapy activities outdoors (i.e. in the grassy area next to our building or at Expo Elementary) children are not required to wear a mask. Distance will be maintained whenever possible.

In addition, we continue to maintain the following COVID-19 related policies:

  1. In order to minimize traffic in the clinic, our waiting room continues to remain closed. If you are dropping your child off for the session, please call when you arrive for your appointment and your child’s therapist will pick up your child from the car or outside the front door of the building. Your child’s therapist will bring him or her back to you following the session.

  2. Parents or guardians are always welcome to join the session. Anytime you would like to be part of your child’s session, please just ensure you wear a mask.

  3. We are now checking children's temperatures upon arrival. However, if your child or anyone in your household has had a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, we trust that you do not come to your scheduled appointment. 

  4. If you, your child, or anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19, we ask that you notify us immediately, so that therapists who came in direct contact with your family can follow the appropriate guidelines for the safety of the other families.

  5. In the event that we learn one of our therapists has been in direct contact with a child who tests positive for COVID-19, we will immediately notify families of all other children who have worked with that therapist, and the therapist will then receive a COVID-19 test.

We deeply appreciate your flexibility and commitment to us throughout this wild year! We are so grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve you all. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns to share.

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